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Welcome to my Website!
If you got to my "cheesy" website through KenRockwell.comPhoto.net or Google, welcome.
Important Notice: 
Thank you all for the overwhelming response. 
As a result, we can't accept anymore repairs 
until October 2017.
Thank you for your patience; the shop's repair capacity again filled up quickly in early June, so in order to achieve the highest level of repair quality, I once again need to concentrate on those currently in the shop. 
  My pledge to be your most careful camera repair service, still rings true. With over 30 years of experience in photographic equipment repairs, I can help you get that loved jewel back in shape ! 
  Each customer is provided with a camera or lens that's had "tender loving care" focused on to it. 
 Call today for a free estimate - 336-307-2126
I use EZ Sniper for my Ebay auction purchases >>>